You lose customer attention in just seconds

by May 11, 2021Digital Marketing

15 Seconds - That is all the time you have to capture a customer’s attention.

Fifteen seconds. That is all the time you have to capture a customer’s attention.

Whether this first impression takes place through your website, a digital ad, or initial phone call— these first moments matter.

So how do you captivate your audience in these early moments and keep the momentum going?

Stay consistent

You want to be recognized and remembered. Clear and concise communication can go a long way towards both. Not only can it build trust with your customers, but it can also help strengthen those relationships. Don’t underestimate the power of a steady voice.

Tell a story and be authentic

An exceptional narrative has the potential to draw interest quickly and elicit an emotional response. Through this process, you are offered a golden opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight what makes your business unique.

But before you can tell your story, you must know your story.

Creating a clear vision for your business is a great way to spark this process. One way to do this is by drafting up a vision statement—a short paragraph that defines exactly what you be-lieve and where you hope to go. Taking the time to dream up what you aim to accomplish and where you see your business going can help you better articulate it to your customers.

Listen to your audience

You put together a vision for your business that you believe in. How can you align your vision with the needs of your community?

Find out what your customers are looking for. Where are the gaps and how can you fill them? By tracking and analyzing data through digital platforms, you can gain further clarity on exactly what is driving customer interest— and what is not.

Last but not least, welcome feedback. Not only will it help you better understand what might need improvement, but it will also tell you what you are doing that’s working well.

Diana Anderson
About the Author

Diana Anderson

President & Marketing Director

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”
–Albert Einstein

Drew Anneberg
About the Author

Drew Anneberg

Creative Director

“Oma teaches that the evil of my subconscious is too strong to resist. The only way to win is to deny it battle.”
–Shifu – Stargate SG-1

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