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The countdown to Spring is officially on and with a new season comes a renewed sense of purpose for many small business owners so we thought we’d put together some of our favorite marketing ideas and share with you.

1. Give Aways

In the marketing world, giveaways are a beautiful thing. They’re simple, creative, and inexpensive to execute. The best part is the opportunity to collect entries to grow your email list with quality leads.

Remember to keep your promotional content entries short and simple to avoid losing your audience.

Social Media Marketing Ideas

2. Social Media Marketing Ideas

Here a few of our top picks when it comes to Springtime and social media marketing ideas:

  • Have a fun contest because giveaways speak volumes.
  • Partner with another business because cross promotional opportunities are a fantastic way to gain new customers.
  • Invite your audience to spend a portion of their tax refund on your business by posting an enticing image of a particular product and add a short description that makes followers feel they are missing out by not making this purchase.
  • Focus on the key Spring holidays and develop offerings relevant to each one.

3. Spring Clean Your Website

  • Refresh your copy and images because now is a great time to rewrite anything that seems off brand.
  • Simplify the main menu for best user experience so visitors locate what they need.
  • Delete old plugins as they take up some major space on your website that can cause things to run slower.
  • Streamline your media gallery. Spring is the perfect time to remove the unnecessary images, PDFs, etc.

4. Say ’Thank You’

Spring is the perfect opportunity for your business to take the time to say ’thank you’ to customers and online followers who have been a part of helping to grow your business.

By creating a simple ’thank you’ graphic and posting to your social media along with a special offering, it shows your clients and prospects that you are grateful for their business.

International Day Of Happiness - Marketing Ideas

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

5. Stand Out and Be Unique!

We encourage you to focus on some of the fun national holidays celebrated in Spring:

  • National Let’s Laugh Day ~ March 19
  • International Day of Happiness ~ March 20
  • National Music In Our Schools Month ~ March
  • World Book Day ~ April 23
  • National Loyalty Day ~ May 1st

Post your team celebrating these fun national holidays (check out many more national holidays each month) on your social channels, keeping it relevant to your business of course.

Offer a discount coupon to followers who mention those images when making their next purchase with your company.

6. Launch A New Marketing Campaign

Now that you are a few months into the new year, we suggest consider launching a new marketing campaign. Always remember:

  • Make sure you develop a focused campaign with tactical initiatives to reach your business goals.
  • Take the necessary time to design a strategic step-by-step plan focused on the activation of the campaign as well as resources needed to reach your desired result.

7. Activate an Email Campaign

Launch an email marketing campaign designed to get customers to visit your business, online or off. Schedule promotion-specific emails with helpful tips to earn customer trust and credibility. Remember to promote on your social channels as well to reach a wider audience.

8. Spring Sale

Spring is a favorite time of the year for many companies to increase their prices so why not create your own pathway and truly stand out from the crowd.

  • Offer major discounts on your products and/or services.
  • Create a social media marketing campaign that focuses on the renewal of Spring by offering a substantial discount on your product or service for any follower that mentions seeing an advertisement.
  • Encourage customers to try a new product that you will be launching in the near future or introduce a service that can help them optimize the arrival of warmer weather.

We hope these marketing ideas help you find renewed intention and creativity that can inspire your next innovation and grow your business.

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