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Relationships Blossom

At the Hampton Inn & Suites Denver – Cherry Creek, our partnership with Infinity Park and DES Marketing is more than just a contract or the fact that we are located just two short blocks away from the stadium. We have been able to grow as partners as both the hotel and the Glendale Rugby programs have evolved, and we are very much family to each other through this growth in our partnership.

Our hotel’s vision is to be known as a place that people go “to” and not just “through.” Neighborhood connections are a huge part of bringing that vision to life for us at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Our neighborhood connection with Infinity Park has thrived over the years as the teams, their families, spectators, commentators, and other affiliates with Glendale Rugby have been able to do just that at the Hampton Inn & Suites — see us as a destination and their Glendale home. DES Marketing has helped the hotel’s relationship with Infinity Park blossom immensely and we could not be more proud to be partners.

Erika Olenick

General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites Denver - Cherry Creek

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