John Tobey Events

Event Planner

Premier Wedding Planner

Denver Event Management Company (2020)


World renowned companies and A-list celebrities have worked with John Tobey Events. The services you’ll receive go far beyond those of the standard event planners. For two decades, John Tobey Events has operated under the simple assumption that great events require a remarkable dedication to service – planning and anticipating every detail – and an eye for design that is bold, always looking for new ideas.

However, simplicity does not mean easy. Like staying at an elegant boutique hotel or dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, the particular kind of effortlessness you experience at a meticulously-crafted event belies the actual effort and experience needed to make it happen.


Brand Communications & Design.

Social Media & Community Engagement.

Digital Marketing.

Content & Storytelling.

Market Research & Strategy.

Data Analytics.


Seasoned Marketing Partner
We selected Diana and her team at DES, because we were looking for a seasoned marketing partner who would bring our voice to life while expressing our core values. They really took ownership of the project as if they are an everyday part of our team.
John Tobey

Founder, John Tobey Events

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