How to Grow Your Business

by Feb 19, 2020Market Research & Strategy

Grow Your Clients

We believe the strategy for real growth comes down to one thing and one thing only……clients.

At DES Marketing, we believe that growing your client base should always be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy for how to grow your business. As we move into this new decade, we wanted to address a few key points to focus on when positioning your company for growth.

How to grow your business - set high goals

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Set High Goals to Grow Your Business

Your main focus should be to set an expectation. No matter if your company has been around for decades or is brand new, set high goals and expectations year after year.

  • Review your current scope of work as well as your internal process for delivering that scope to your clients. Once completed, set realistic and measurable goals for the year.
  • Have monthly or quarterly meetings to measure and celebrate reaching your milestones. This will definitely make goal setting more fun and allow your team to be creative.
  • Be prepared to market, pitch, and take on more clients than what you can currently handle. This might mean adding more staff, which equates to business growth.
  • Set high goals for the quality and quantity of clients you add. Why not pitch a Fortune500 company or a famous startup company? Don’t be afraid to target them and reach out. You have nothing to lose.
How to Grow Your Business - Sales Process

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Build a Sales Process to Grow Your Clients

Implementing sales processes can streamline the completion of any task, simple or complex. Processes can also make your team more efficient and consistent with their customer interactions.

A sales process that complements your business, sales representatives, customers, and products or services will allow you to boost conversions, be more efficient in closing deals and ensure customers receive positive experiences.

Bottom line, business growth.

Tips For An Effective Sales Process

Align your sales processes with buyers who are more empowered and better informed.

  • Goal-orientated – Focus on improving your ability to meet key objectives
  • Predictable – Ensure your promised deliverables are efficient and follow-up with prospects in a timely manner
  • Clearly Defined – Must be well understood
  • Adaptable – Keep your sales process flexible for changing business climates
  • Measurable – Measure and report success through quantifiable processes and look for key insights to inform your decision-making process

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