Holiday Marketing Ideas To Round-Out The Year

by Nov 30, 2021Market Research & Strategy

Winter Light Pole - Holiday Marketing Ideas
While it feels 2021 started a bit slower following 2020 (also known as the year that never happened), the year quickly moved into high gear and voila, it’s time to wrap our arms around the holiday season (and holiday marketing ideas), a BIG favorite of our fearless leader, Diana.

So, we huddled over here at the DES Marketing camp and thought it would be fun to pool together some holiday marketing ideas that you may want to wrap your arms around this season.

Customer Appreciation Campaign

The holidays are all about showing appreciation for the people around you so why not run a customer appreciation campaign? One of our favorite ways to show your customers love is through user-generated content.

User-generated content (UGC) is a fantastic asset for brands and businesses looking to grow online. It’s an affordable way to share high-quality content that generates sales for your brand and in our opinion, one of the best word-of-mouth recommendations on social media.

Instagram Give Away - Holiday Marketing Ideas

Holiday-Themed Instagram Giveaway

If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, grow your followers, and promote your products and services, then look no further than a giveaway on Instagram.

First, define the purpose and goals of your giveaway before you dive in, which we refer to it as proper planning.

A few ideas to consider:

  1. If you are launching a new holiday product this season, consider marrying your giveaway to your target marketing goals, such as raising awareness around the product launch.
  2. If you are focused on getting more instagram followers or increasing your overall brand awareness, then keep in mind that the goals you set will influence the type of giveaways you promote.
  3. As a reminder, it is critical to always know your target market and understand to who are you speaking.
  4. Finally, we always suggest partnering up with another brand or an Instagram influencer with a similar target market and audience in order to gain more traction.
Don't Just Take, Give - Holiday Marketing Ideas

Give Back To Those In Need

This year has been a rising trend of brands using their platforms to educate and inspire.

The holidays are an ideal season for giving back to those in need, which is why so many brands are choosing to opt-out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Social Media has been transformed from a place of simple inspiration and idea sharing to a vocal, thought-provoking space. The truth is that consumers today are looking for businesses that align with their values. The best news of all is that brands and consumers are joining forces to support a common good.

Bottom line, supporting a social cause is one of the most powerful ways to illustrate your brand’s values, ethics, and ideals, while building an engaged and supportive social following.

Share a Free Downloadable Resource

The holiday season presents a huge opportunity to gain additional traction with your target audience. We are all interested in gathering additional email addresses and one way to do this is by creating a free downloadable resource.

Start by thinking about your ideal client or customer. What can you offer them that will add value and that they wouldn’t think twice about signing up for? This is your “lead magnet” and it should be of value and relate to an end-result that your business offers.

Some ideas:

  • A free sample
  • A challenge
  • An exclusive offer for subscribers
  • A free download or worksheet or mini-course

Remember that holiday marketing ideas and campaigns don’t have to be complicated to deliver great benefits to your business. So whether you choose to simply “dress up” your brand for the holidays or dive in and develop a comprehensive campaign, we hope these marketing ideas inspire you to get the most out of this busy time of the year.

Happy Holidays!

The DES Marketing Team

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