Adding Emotion to Your Brand Story

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Adding Emotion to Your Brand Story
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At DES Marketing we believe storytelling is the secret ingredient to a successful marketing campaign but adding emotion to your brand story is the golden rule. There is a psychology to brand storytelling and emotion is an essential element. Without an emotional connection, it’s hard to make anyone care.

Storytelling isn’t new and there’s never been more opportunity to making storytelling a key part of your strategic marketing initiatives.

Stories help you move beyond the mindset of simply selling a product or service allowing the audience to connect with your marketing stories and ultimately leading to buy-in with brand trust, increasing your bottom line.

Many entrepreneurs never think of sharing their story outside of their main brand story, which is important, however, only a small ingredient of the secret sauce. While you can’t share your brand story every day, there are many elements of storytelling that you can weave into your social media, your blog, and your marketing collateral, adding a pinch of this and a dab of that giving your story the attention it deserves.

Emotional Brand Through Storytelling

As we’ve mentioned in our social posts and earlier blogs (See The Power of Your Brand), branding is about far more than picking a catchy tagline and logo. It’s about creating a deep impression on your audience, one that they’ll take with them as they go about their daily lives.

Emotional branding ensures they’ll think of you the next time they need what you have to offer. The only way to create that kind of experience is by connecting with your audience emotionally.

Emotional storytelling allows each of us to connect and identify with that someone. Stories lend perspective to our own experience allowing people to remember them better than they do bulleted lists and fast facts.

Tips on Adding Emotion to Your Storytelling - Photography

Tips on Adding Emotion to Your Storytelling

Color Stories

Did you know the colors you choose for your site will have a direct impact on the impression you make on your current and potential customers? Colors are rich with emotion and it has never been more important to invest the necessary time to determine the kind of emotional experience you want your customer to have.


Choose photography that syncs well with your carefully chosen color scheme. Photography allows you to dig down into more specific stories about your brand. Keep in mind that adding photos to your blog content will help illustrate the key points you are making, and will continue to position you as the thought-leader in your industry.


In addition to how writing and photography serve as excellent brand tools, video can be even more powerful and a great way to quickly draw out emotions. Video adds both writing and photography into one platform and by adding some music, you will be amazed at the increase in audience activation.

In closing, people make choices based on feelings. Emotion has the power to foster a lasting relationship with your visitors so we encourage you to choose your voice carefully, tell a compelling story and leave the audience wanting more. You’ll be glad you did!

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